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PHP Developer Test – Junior/Senior

Position: Junior Dev – Senior Dev
Estimated hours: 4 – 8 hours

Build a simple blog platform, that allow registered users could CRUD their posts and view others. Admin is required to publish users’ posts.

Core features

  • Everyone could see list of posts and check their detail
  • People could register for new account and login/logout to the system
  • Registered users could CRUD their posts.
  • Posts’ body understand markdown syntax and could render properly
  • Admin could see a list of created posts
  • Admin could publish or unpublish created posts

Optional features

  • Only published posts would be display in public listing page
  • Admin could see highlighting unpublished posts in list of all posts
  • Admin could filter/order posts by date or status
  • Admin could schedule post publishing. E.g I want publish this post automatically in tomorrow 9AM

Very Very Very Optional features

  • 100% Unit Tested
  • Clean commit messages

Submit your Testto us

Use public repo to host your code. Github or Bitbucket are both welcome.
Use a Gif recorder to record your demo in a simple way.
Be honest with the time that you spend for the test.
Let us know anything in Note field, feel free to share your thoughts.