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Magento Developer Test – General

Position: Junior Dev – Senior Dev
Estimated hours: 4 – 5 hours

Task 1 (If you are a junior, please do this task)


Create a simple module to prevent access to the frontend of a website for unauthenticated (not logged in) users.


  • The module must work on Magento version 2.2.x
  • The module must be installable via composer
  • The module must work independently of any non-standard Magento 2.2.x code
  • Users must be restricted access except where access would be required for a user to create and log into an account.


  • The module should be developed locally on the developer’s own environment of choice.
  • Code for the module should be pushed in clear and manageable commits.
  • Once complete, please send the link to git repo.

Task 2 (This task is optional for senior dev)


Write short technical steps for a module to integrate Magento 2 with a logistics system, allow for the live flow of data between the two systems.


Magento 2 and Logistic System (LS) will pass files to one another after certain triggers occur, the files will be in xml format and pass necessary information to synchronise. 1.Orders
  • Trigger: Order Placed (Magento)
  • Direction: Magento > LS
2.Order Status
  • Trigger: Order Shipped (LS)
  • Direction: LS > Magento
  • Trigger: Order Shipped (LS)
  • Direction: LS > Magento

Submit your Testto us

Use public repo to host your code. Github or Bitbucket are both welcome.
Use a Gif recorder to record your demo in a simple way.
Be honest with the time that you spend for the test.
Let us know anything in Note field, feel free to share your thoughts.