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Magento Developer Test – Frontend

Position: Front-end Dev
Estimated hours: 4 – 5 hours

TwentyCi - FE Test

Build a simple js component slider for a Magento 2 site, which allows you to have the following element: Background image, title, short description, CTA buttons (with link), pagination or arrows. Example: The slider should have 3 styling options:
  • Title, short, buttons should be in center.
  • Title, short, buttons should be in the left.
  • Title, short, buttons should be in the right.
Your task is to:
  • Define the json data that should be used to render the the slider components.
Example: [ { title: 'Title for item ', desc: 'Short description for item', thumb: 'Path thumb', classes: 'Css class name', btns: [ title: 'Title for button', link: 'Link to button', classes: String ] } ]
  • Build a js component (Magento2) slider with the above json data.
  • Create less files, the files will include all styling options for the slider.

Submission Notes

  • Create a Github repo that include all progress
  • Screening a gif or a video to demostrate on how it works
  • Send Github repo link, Gif/Video link to hr@twentyci.asia or submit with our form


  • Feel free to structure your code and your features by your style.
  • Estimate time for the test should be 4-5 hours. It is alright if you can not complete the test within this time frame. You are welcome to send us anything you finish, and anything you think can be improved would be great.
  • The module must work independently of any non-standard Magento 2.2.x code


  • The code should be developed locally on the developer’s own environment of choice.
  • The code should be pushed in clear and manageable commits.
  • Once complete, please send the link to GIT repo, as well as instruction to set up if there is any.

Submit your Testto us

Use public repo to host your code. Github or Bitbucket are both welcome.
Use a Gif recorder to record your demo in a simple way.
Be honest with the time that you spend for the test.
Let us know anything in Note field, feel free to share your thoughts.